2017-09-13 20:14:34 by CoolManXan

Hey, just lettin' you guys know I got one of these. Join if you wanna talk or stuff.



2016-09-23 12:46:29 by CoolManXan

So if you are wondering why I came out of no where and uploaded all of these songs, its because I've been on Soundcloud for a while now and only just recently came to Newgrounds. I am now up to date on uploading my songs, so I'm working on songs right now instead of just uploading old songs :P anways, stay tuned I've got some good songs planned!

About me

2016-09-06 14:49:34 by CoolManXan

Hello there, I'm CoolManXan. you might know me from Soundcloud or not at all. I enjoy making powerful music, an assortment of videogames such as Geometry Dash, Minecraft, Terraria, and others, and Reading. Any support is helpful